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DARIAH EU and OpenAIRE partner to sustain DARIAH-OpenAIRE Research Community Gateway -

The OpenAIRE-Nexus consortium and the DARIAH ERIC have strengthened their collaboration by signing a memorandum of understanding to sustain the DARIAH-OpenAIRE Research Community Gateway.

The DARIAH Gateway is an outcome of the H2020 project OpenAIRE Advance. This project framework allowed OpenAIRE and DARIAH to connect thematic data services provided by national DARIAH members (NAKALA from France and TextGrid from Germany) to the OpenAIRE Research Graph. This way, scholarly content types important for the arts and humanities communities (digital critical editions, audiovisual data, encoded documents, image collections, etc.) became visible in the biggest publicly owned scholarly discovery system.

Beyond connecting DARIAH services to the OpenAIRE Research Graph, the Gateway serves as a dedicated discovery hub for DARIAH-affiliated research outputs of different kinds. It brings them together from dispersed locations and makes them searchable along with various facets such as projects, content types, or access conditions.

Sustaining flagship project outputs that provide the infrastructural backbone of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) and open data discovery is a priority to both OpenAIRE and DARIAH. These efforts are also crucial to realise a meaningful European Open Science Cloud for research communities, which is further undertaken in other projects by DARIAH, such as the SSH Open Cluster, and with OpenAIRE in EOSC Future.

As a continuation of the ongoing project, OpenAIRE will collaborate to ease the activity of disseminating and tracking research outputs of the DARIAH infrastructure. Particularly for the arts and humanities community; support DARIAH infrastructure contents to be findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable in EOSC; and sustain the operation of the DARIAH-EU gateway realised during the OpenAIRE-Advance project.

DARIAH will enhance the uptake, population, and use of the DARIAH-OpenAIRE Research Community Gateway, serving as a data discovery hub for DARIAH-affiliated scholarly outputs (papers, books, book chapters, data, software, and other outputs such as reports and working papers) across the DARIAH networks and members; explore possibilities for bringing together content (metadata) from domain-specific repositories operating on national levels, and undertake its configuration and dissemination among DARIAH researchers.

OpenAIRE and DARIAH will continue collaborating to ensure strategic and technical alignment in the framework of OpenAIRE Gateway community calls.

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