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EBSCO Information Services announces support for the UK Reproducibility Network -

EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) is joining the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN) as an external stakeholder. In providing in-kind support to UKRN, EBSCO is furthering its goal of supporting open research and reproducibility by teaming up with an organisation of researchers and research institutes dedicated to improving the quality of research.

As a provider of journals, e-books and a discovery service, EBSCO is well-known by researchers and the academic institutions that support them. Recent partnerships with and Code Ocean have expanded EBSCO’s institutional reach allowing colleges and universities to further open research initiatives and make research methods, code and data available along with traditional research papers.

Part of EBSCO’s support for UKRN will include a series of workshops with and Code Ocean addressing methods and protocol development, reproducibility and structuring research analytics. By bringing researchers together with companies that support research, EBSCO is able to balance its decades-long experience with academic research with its support for open research and research outputs and workflows.

Marcus Munafò, professor of biological psychology at the University of Bristol and programme lead within the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit, is on the UKRN Steering Committee. He says the UKRN’s goal is to elevate the quality of research being conducted. “We are looking at how researchers are incentivized and how that impacts what is being published. By working with organizations like EBSCO, we hope to move beyond simply the article to focusing on the actual research methods, code and data to improve reproducibility and research quality.”

EBSCO Information Services Vice President of Product Management and Researcher Workflows, Christopher Spalding says by working with UKRN, EBSCO is able to work directly with researchers to understand their needs and introduce them to resources like and Code Ocean.

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