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Elsevier Health and OpenEvidence partner to launch ClinicalKey AI -

Elsevier Health, a global leader in medical information and data analytics, has announced a strategic collaboration with OpenEvidence, an artificial intelligence (AI) specialist in medicine. Together, they are set to launch ClinicalKey AI, a cutting-edge clinical decision support tool that combines the latest evidence-based medical content with generative AI to assist physicians in making informed decisions at the point of care.

The overwhelming amount of complex data that physicians regularly navigate can pose challenges, even for seasoned professionals. ClinicalKey AI aims to alleviate this burden by integrating Elsevier's extensive repository of trusted medical information with advanced AI technology. This fusion is designed to empower physicians with quick access to accurate and evidence-based information precisely when needed.

The partnership between Elsevier Health and OpenEvidence has resulted in a product tailor-made for time-pressed physicians, offering a natural language interface with curated content and constantly refreshed evidence-based research. The tool is set to be available for early access in November 2023, with a full-scale U.S. launch anticipated in early 2024.

Key features and benefits of ClinicalKey AI include: Conversational Search Interface: Physicians can swiftly access evidence-based clinical information using a natural language interface, supporting efficient clinical workflows and productivity; Addressing Complex Medical Questions: The tool provides access to a comprehensive range of resources, including the latest research, reference textbooks, clinical overviews, and drug information. Physicians will have the ability to review primary source documents, ensuring transparency and reliability; and Responsible AI Principles: ClinicalKey AI adheres to industry data privacy and security standards, along with Elsevier's Responsible AI principles, ensuring ethical and secure use of AI in clinical practice.

ClinicalKey AI builds upon Elsevier's two-decade-long commitment to utilizing AI and machine learning technologies to enhance research, life sciences, and healthcare communities' effectiveness. By incorporating generative AI, Elsevier aims to simplify and streamline the process of finding trusted information, contributing to scientific discovery and transforming patient care.

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