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HealthStream acquires myClinicalExchange -

HealthStream, a leading provider of workforce and provider solutions for the healthcare industry, has acquired substantially all of the assets of myClinicalExchange LLC, a Denver-based information technologies company. Through the acquisition, HealthStream gains myClinicalExchange’s SaaS application that allows healthcare organisations to track, manage, and report the intern and clinical rotation educational requirements of medical, nursing, and allied healthcare students, as well as host required documentation for medical residents. The myClinicalExchange application has been used by approximately 400 hospitals; 1,000 colleges and universities; and 50,000 medical, nursing, and allied healthcare students, annually.

Every year in the US, medical, nursing, and allied healthcare students are required to fulfill clinical rotations in a healthcare organisation (primarily hospitals) as part of their educational programs. Hospitals, in turn, are responsible for managing their requests for rotations, tracking and ensuring compliance of their rotations, and ensuring that proper credentials are in place for their working in their organisations with patients. myClinicalExchange’s ability to streamline these processes for both the student and the healthcare organisation has made it a market-leading solution for this niche, critical area of workforce management.

Following the acquisition, current customer support for the myClinicalExchange application will remain in place. Executive oversight of the myClinicalExchange business will be provided by Trisha Coady, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Clinical Solutions, HealthStream. The myClinicalExchange application will be included in HealthStream’s Workforce Solutions business segment.

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