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Jisc and Wiley partner with UK universities to create new digital collection -

Jisc and publisher John Wiley and Sons Inc. have partnered with leading UK universities and the British Science Association (BSA) with the creation of a new digital collection: the British Association for the Advancement of Science - Collections on the History of Science.

The newly-formed collection will be hosted on the Wiley Digital Archives platform which uses leading technology to transform centuries-old, primary source content into clear, crisp, searchable documents and allows researchers to find, group, translate, download, manipulate and share historical materials globally.

Materials included in the new digital resource feature are some of Darwin’s contributions to the science of evolution, and notes from English scientist and astronomer Joseph Norman Lockyer on the discovery of the gas helium and the findings of Edward Jenner, an English physician and scientist who pioneered the smallpox vaccine, the world's first ever vaccine. Upon its completion, the digital collection will comprise of one million pages.

Together with Jisc, Wiley has empowered Jisc-affiliated university libraries and archives to take part in the program by putting their collections forward for digitisation and offering access to the archive. Participating universities, whose content was selected on the recommendation of prominent academics in History of Science, include: the universities of Leicester, Glasgow, Oxford, Leeds, London and Liverpool; University College London; King’s College London; and the  British Science Association and Mathematical Association.

The Wiley Digital Archives program allows researchers and students to peer into the science of the past to create scholarship for the future. Tools that support virtual teaching, foster learning and power research are needed now more than ever.

The Wiley Digital Archives program restores, digitises and catalogues the archives of some of the world’s most influential academic and scientific materials, connecting the brilliant minds of the past with the researchers shaping the future.

Jisc and Wiley continue their strong relationship to provide UK research and education institutions with freely available digitally archived content, expanding upon the announced open access partnership from February 2020.

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