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Kortext and Jisc partner with textbook publishers to launch free student e-textbook programme to give university students and staff access to learning resources -

With the unprecedented impact on higher education (HE) from the coronavirus outbreak, Kortext, the UK’s digital textbook platform, in conjunction with Jisc, is launching a nationwide programme to ensure all 2.4 million university students and 217,000 academic staff have access to their key learning resources during this crucial revision and exam period.

Kortext has partnered with leading textbook publishers Pearson, Cengage, Sage, Elsevier, the university presses of Oxford and Cambridge and Wolters Kluwer to facilitate this sector-wide support for students during this period of campus closures and the shifting to online delivery of teaching and learning, just ahead of the most important time for many students in the academic year. The programme partners helping to bring this together include Microsoft, which is delivering infrastructure.

The aim is to roll this programme out across the entire UK HE sector within the next three to four weeks and Kortext and Jisc will be working with all UK universities to facilitate this. As the national response to the virus intensifies, many students will lose access to their vital course materials, often accessed as print textbook copies through the university libraries.

This programme provides each student with free digital copies of their core textbook titles covering all subjects and courses across the UK. Students are then equipped to continue to study anywhere, both online and offline and they can connect with each other and use the content throughout this crucial time.

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