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MarkLogic, Hortonworks partnership to enhance Big Data apps with Apache Hadoop -

Data analytics products firm MarkLogic Corporation, US, has announced that it has joined the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program. Hortonworks is a commercial vendor promoting the development and support of Apache Hadoop. The partnership is projected to help businesses and public sector agencies take the next step in the evolution of Big Data: building sophisticated Big Data Applications.

It is expected that, by leveraging MarkLogic and Hortonworks, organisations will be able to seamlessly combine the power of MapReduce with MarkLogic’s real-time, interactive analysis and indexing on a single, unified platform.

Through the partnership, organisations can better leverage their Apache Hadoop stack to build interactive, operational applications on all of their data without having to sacrifice ease of use, development agility, or enterprise reliability. MarkLogic will certify its Connector for Hadoop against the Hortonworks Data Platform, a platform which makes Apache Hadoop more robust and easier to install, manage and use, according to the company. It is also said to provide an open and stable foundation for enterprises to build and deploy Big Data solutions.

The two companies will also develop reference architectures for MarkLogic-Hadoop solutions and further align their product roadmaps. With MarkLogic and Hortonworks, organisations will have a fully supported Big Data Application platform that enables real-time data access and full-text search together with batch processing and massive archival storage.

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