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Midwest Surgical Hospital embraces Wolters Kluwer’s Simplifi+ suite to achieve USP compliance -

Midwest Surgical Hospital, a leading 25-bed ambulatory surgical center in Omaha, Nebraska, gears up to confront the evolving USP compliance standards for sterile and nonsterile pharmaceutical compounding, adopting Wolters Kluwer Health’s comprehensive Simplifi+ Pharmacy Compliance suite. This transformative move aims to replace laborious manual processes with cutting-edge technologies such as Simplifi 797, Simplifi+ MedTrays, and Simplifi+ MedStorage, significantly bolstering the efficiency of pharmacy operations and fostering patient safety.

The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) recently updated its General Chapters <795>, <797>, and <800> with the intent of enforcing stringent compliance standards for pharmaceutical compounding, effective November 1, 2023. In anticipation of these changes, Midwest Surgical Hospital has embraced the entire Simplifi+ suite to ease its transition and ensure compliance within the specified deadlines.

Formerly reliant on paper-based records for medication inventory management and compounding documentation, Midwest Surgical Hospital faced inefficiencies in its compounding practices due to the administrative burdens placed on its pharmacy staff. The adoption of Simplifi+ Pharmacy Compliance solutions streamlines USP compliance management, medication storage, and emergency cart medication inventory, unifying these processes onto a single, efficient platform.

Midwest Surgical Hospital, recognized for on-site compounding of intraoperative medications, sought an automated solution to alleviate documentation concerns and amplify its focus on patient care. Simplifi 797 now offers the hospital’s pharmacy team a comprehensive view of their compounding compliance, facilitating real-time assessments for potential improvements. The system also ensures accurate documentation for regulatory audits and optimizes medication compounding based on usage levels.

Beyond simplifying medication compounding, Simplifi+ MedTrays and Simplifi+ MedStorage offer enhanced control over managing medications stored across the facility. Simplifi+ MedTrays ensures automated and standardized emergency cart restocking to optimize short-dated drug utilization. Meanwhile, Simplifi+ MedStorage automates inventory checks to guarantee medication safety and compliance across the facility, thus ensuring readiness for inspections.

The partnership between Midwest Surgical Hospital and Wolters Kluwer Health signifies a proactive approach to enhancing pharmacy operations and strengthening regulatory compliance standards within the evolving healthcare landscape.

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