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Nature authors can now seamlessly share their data -

Availability of data is key in supporting the reproducibility of research and driving forward open science, yet researchers tell us that despite the positive impacts, less than 40% of authors actively make their data available. In April 2022, Springer Nature and Figshare announced a new integrated route for data deposition at Nature Portfolio titles to help address this problem and encourage researchers to share data rather than seeing it as a hurdle to article publication.

Following the success of the pilot, this streamlined integration is now being extended. Authors submitting to the Nature Portfolio journals, including Nature, in the fields of life, health, chemical and physical sciences will now be able to easily opt into data sharing, via Figshare, as part of one integrated submission process.

The publisher continues to work with each discipline to address the different needs in respect to data sharing - for example working with the Earth Science community to support the Enabling FAIR data commitment, and its preference for data sharing in specialist community repositories, while adding Figshare as an option where these arenot available.

Springer Nature is committed to promoting, collaborating on and advancing solutions to support sustainable open research practices. This extended partnership and integration with Figshare is one example. More on Springer Nature’s drive around open research practices can be found here and the partnership can be found here.

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