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OCLC and Relais International partner to share data and services from the OCLC WorldShare Platform -

Global library cooperative OCLC, US, and Relais International, which provides systems to support interlibrary loan and document delivery services, have signed an agreement that will allow mutual subscribers access to WorldCat data and OCLC services through the OCLC WorldShare Platform.

Under this new partnership, Relais will use the WorldCat Search API so that library staff can search WorldCat from within Relais to retrieve holdings information. Relais will also use the WorldCat Resource Sharing API so that requests and updates can be sent to and received from the OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing service.

These options for access to OCLC will be available to Relais users whose institutional holdings are visible on and who subscribe to the WorldCat Resource Sharing service. Libraries that qualify for keys to the APIs will be able to activate the services within Relais.

This partnership is facilitated through the new OCLC WorldShare Platform, which enables OCLC and library partners to configure and share a wide range of applications that deliver new functionality and value for libraries and their users.

As an OCLC partner, Relais is considering using other APIs to gain access to the OCLC Policies Directory and the newly deployed Article Exchange document-sharing site.

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