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Ontario University Libraries partner with Wiley to expand ebook access -

Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) has announced a new pilot project in collaboration with Wiley, one of the largest academic publishers. The project aims to provide access to Wiley's vast collection of nearly 24,000 ebooks to participating OCUL libraries in Ontario as part of a shared evidence-based acquisition (EBA) program.

The pilot program, which will run between May 1, 2023, and April 30, 2024, involves nineteen academic libraries in Ontario. The usage statistics will be evaluated at the end of the project, and the participating libraries will purchase the titles based on usage data, forming a shared collection of ebooks.

The project is a significant step forward in OCUL's ongoing mission to collaborate in the delivery of transformative resources and digital research infrastructure for Ontario's universities. OCUL-IR EBA Working Group is being thanked by OCUL for their leadership in setting forth the recommendations for this project.

The partnership with Wiley will enable Ontario's academic community to access a diverse range of scholarly materials, creating opportunities for more extensive and in-depth research, and increasing the success of faculty and students. This project is expected to bring significant benefits to the university community in Ontario, leading to more robust and sustainable resources in the future.

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