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Partnership between EBSCO Information Services and Code Ocean lays the groundwork for growth and impact of open research -

A new strategic partnership between EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) and Code Ocean will provide to the global research community a platform to facilitate the sharing and reuse of computational code and data. It guarantees the reproducibility of reported research, and it makes research open, organised, accessible and interoperable.

With advances in technology that enable us to distribute far more than just words on pages, researchers, academic institutions, funders and publishers are increasingly demanding tools that make computationally-based research intuitive, collaborative, interoperable and endurable. EBSCO’s investment and reseller agreement highlights the critical importance that it assigns to promoting and supporting those requirements. Building upon Code Ocean’s current success with publishers, EBSCO will act as a partner, extending the potential reach and impact of Code Ocean to institutions around the world.

Code Ocean grew out of co-founder Simon Adar’s postdoctoral work at Cornell-Tech. Like many scientists, Adar looked to previously published works and tried to build upon them. He quickly discovered how difficult it is to reuse code and data and how hard it was to prove reproducibility, even of published findings. Together with co-founder and Chief Technical Officer Ram Dayan, they assembled a team to build a platform with the purpose to increase the pace of science.

According to Code Ocean CEO Simon Adar EBSCO’s long history of serving academia to improve research workflows and strong position in the market makes them an ideal partner for Code Ocean.

This partnership aligns with EBSCO’s recent partnership with Arkivum, leveraging EBSCO’s SaaS-based portfolio and Arkivum’s Perpetua which enables long-term data management. The Code Ocean announcement coincides with the announcement of EBSCO’s partnership with which provides researchers with access to research methods, another essential element in the research workflow.

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