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Pensoft and ARPHA revolutionize citation metrics with partnership -

In the dynamic realm of academic publishing, robust citation metrics are invaluable. Scholarly publisher and technology provider Pensoft has teamed up with the platform to introduce an innovative service that promises to reshape the way readers perceive and utilize citation data. has garnered acclaim in the academic sphere for its pioneering approach to citation metrics. At the core of their offering are two distinct badges, elegantly showcased on each article's page, allowing readers to delve deeper into how a publication is cited by other indexed works.

Every citation is meticulously categorized as Supporting, Contrasting, or Mentioning, based on the contextual relevance within the citing publication's surrounding sentences. This revolutionary approach empowers users to explore not just the sheer number of times a document has been cited but also the underlying reasons behind those citations.

This feature is readily accessible under the Metrics tab of any research paper published by a Pensoft journal. The first badge provides a comprehensive breakdown of citations, distinguishing between Supporting, Contrasting, and Mentioning. The second badge offers valuable insights into the specific sections of an article where these citations are featured.

Pensoft is confident that this new functionality will greatly enhance the discoverability and contextual richness of articles published in its journals. Furthermore, this integration empowers Pensoft's users to gain deeper insights into their research endeavors. Whether you're a scientist seeking to validate your research findings or a reader in pursuit of authoritative sources, this pioneering feature is poised to enrich your academic journey.

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