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PLOS opts for CCC Ringgold Identify Database as its PID solution -

CCC, a leader in advancing copyright, accelerating knowledge, and powering innovation, has announced that The Public Library of Science (PLOS) has adopted the Ringgold Identify Database as its Persistent Identifier (PID) solution to streamline organizational data, helping power its Open Access (OA) publishing process with reliability and inclusivity.

A critical aspect leading to the decision was the precision with which PLOS could match accepted papers to institutional funding under its Community Action Publishing (CAP) program. The CAP model, which is also supported by CCC RightsLink for Scientific Communications (RLSC), eliminates author Article Publishing Charges (APCs) and makes PLOS journals truly Open to Read and Open to Publish.

With over 600,000 Ringgold PIDs and metadata records, Ringgold Identify Database provides a curated view of organization data to help stakeholders improve data quality, drive strategic decision-making, and support data interoperability across the scholarly communications ecosystem. Used by intermediaries, funders, and a growing list of leading publishers, Ringgold Identify Database is the only solution to offer structured organizational hierarchies and consortia connections to help stakeholders quickly understand complex relationships. The database also includes rich metadata and additional identifiers, including the ISNI ID, an ISO Standard open ID to support wider interoperability.

With its acquisition of Ringgold, CCC is now a leading provider of PIDs for organizations that participate in the scholarly communications ecosystem, including publishers, institutions, funders, government, corporations, healthcare, non-profits, and more. For more than ten years, CCC has relied on Ringgold identifiers to disambiguate author affiliations related to APCs managed through RLSC.

CCC is a long-time supporter of the creation, development, and proliferation of identifiers, including supporting initiatives such as ORCID and ISNI. The acquisition of Ringgold reflects CCC’s ongoing commitment to promoting data interoperability, addressing market friction, and collaborating with stakeholders to create solutions together.

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