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Science Matters Media LLC's has announced a new partnership with Seattle-based iCopyright to provide an intelligent copyright system for the distribution of redOrbit's digital content. iCopyright will work with to protect, promote, syndicate and monetize its content – from news and editorial articles, to blogs and independent creative works.

Since its founding in November 2002, has become a premier destination for science, health and technology related news content. This new partnership will help publishers instantly secure the rights to copy and republish content online.

iCopyright offers a patented web-based (Software-as-a-Service) platform for both owners of content and consumers of content. Its instant licensing service is used by some of the world’s largest newspapers, magazines, trade journals and newswires.

iCopyright never forgets who owns a piece of content, what rights the publisher makes available for instant licensing, who has licensed the content, and where that content travels. iCopyright's infringement-detection service, Discovery, can also be used to locate and track unauthorized reuses and seek remedies.

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