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Research Solutions and Evidence Partners launch their mutual software integration to simplify literature reviews and access -

Research Solutions, Inc., a pioneer in providing cloud-based workflow solutions for R&D driven organisations, has announced jointly with Evidence Partners the launch of their platform integration. The integration delivers substantial time and cost savings to customers by combining DistillerSR, Evidence Partners’ industry-leading literature review software, with Article Galaxy, Research Solutions’ popular document retrieval engine. More information on requesting an Article Galaxy Enterprise account can be found at:

DistillerSR delivers an advanced, highly configurable workflow engine combined with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence integration to dramatically accelerate all types of literature reviews while, at the same time, reducing error rates and delivering complete transparency and reproducibility. Used globally by the world's leading academic institutions, government bodies, medical device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies, DistillerSR has revolutionised the literature review process, enabling users to: reduce the time required to accurately screen literature by up to 90 percent; produce fully transparent, reproducible and audit-ready results; and customise research workflows and protocols to meet individual team, application, and study requirements.

Research Solution’s Article Galaxy research platform provides customers with automated, copyright-compliant access to full-text scholarly literature. For DistillerSR users, the availability of Article Galaxy’s best-in-class article delivery engine offers fast access to PDF journal articles directly from the DistillerSR interface. The integration enables DistillerSR customers to: purchase or rent full-text research papers from major publishers 24/7; get one-click access to native PDFs, delivered via email within minutes; and filter by lowest cost, Open Access, and subscriptions.

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