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Sage partners with Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje for a new era of publishing -

Academic publisher Sage has announced its partnership with the Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje (FIA), marking a new chapter in scholarly publishing. The collaboration, set to commence in January 2024, will see Sage stepping in as the official journal publishing partner.

Since its inception in 1978, FIA Journals have stood as a prominent platform for Spanish-language content dedicated to psychology and developmental studies. With a readership spanning Spain and many parts of Latin America, these journals have played a crucial role in disseminating research in the region. In 2014, FIA Journals embraced a global outlook by publishing in both Spanish and English. Today, they publish the work of authors from around the world, reaching readers from institutions on a global scale. This international reach highlights the significance of maintaining scientific discourse in multiple languages, a mission that resonates deeply with both Sage and FIA.

The journals making the transition to Sage are as follows: Journal for the Study of Education and Development; PsyEcology; Culture and Education; Studies in Psychology; and International Journal of Social Psychology.

Authors are encouraged to submit their work to these transferred titles by referring to the updated Manuscript Submission Guidelines available through the provided links. Starting January 2024, readers can access FIA Journals through Sage Journals, offering an enhanced and diverse academic experience.

This collaboration signifies a promising future for scholarly publishing, bridging cultures and languages to make academic knowledge more accessible and inclusive.

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