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ScienceDirect integrates SeamlessAccess to provide researchers with improved remote access options -

Elsevier's world-leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature, ScienceDirect, has integrated SeamlessAccess to provide researchers with convenient and secure institutional access to its site, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Researchers will now see an 'Access through your institution' button clearly marked on ScienceDirect. When they click on the button, if their institution has an authorised subscription to ScienceDirect, they are authenticated by their institution and can use ScienceDirect services in the usual way. ScienceDirect continues to provide a range of remote access options in addition to this enhanced institutional authentication experience.

SeamlessAccess remembers a user's choice of institution, so they don't have to repeat the institutional selection process when they want to move from one participating site, to another. It does this securely, preserves user privacy, and adheres to the National Information Standards Organization's (NISO) Recommended Practice. It enables researchers to "seamlessly" navigate across multiple platforms with only a single click of the 'Access through your institution' button.

ScienceDirect has recently integrated CASA, Universal CASA, and a remote access banner to increase access methods and improve its users' experience.

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