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ScienceOpen collaborates with Compuscript to feature new open access journal, BIO Integration -

The interactive research and discovery platform, ScienceOpen, and publisher, Compuscript Ltd, have partnered to showcase a newly launched open access, biomedical sciences journal: BIO Integration (BIOI). As an open access journal, BIOI is an inclusive forum that promotes communication between scientific ideas and clinical needs. BIO Integration will have a featured collection on the ScienceOpen discovery platform where it will be easily discoverable and put in the context of over 63 million records of research articles, books, and book chapters on ScienceOpen.

BIOI is a new journal with its first issue published in April of this year. It focuses on original, cutting-edge, interdisciplinary contents in the field of biosciences, including medicine, biochemistry, biophysics, bioengineering, and biotechnology. By making it discoverable to its diverse base of users, ScienceOpen will increase the dissemination of BIOI, helping further establish the journal in the scientific community. Additionally, expanding the reach of BIOI will enable the journal to achieve its goal of bringing knowledge from around the world to a wider audience. On top of being integrated into a dynamic research discovery hub, the addition of BIOI to ScienceOpen will facilitate scientific engagement with BIOI’s content. For example, interactive features, like community curation, article reviews, and recommendations, can create networking opportunities and accelerate exchange of ideas among researchers. BIOI joins two other Compuscript journals, Chinese General Practice and Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications, with featured collections on ScienceOpen. The addition of these journal collections enriches the context of the over 500 other curated collections on ScienceOpen’s discovery base.

Ultimately, ScienceOpen hopes that the promotion of these Compuscript publications in their own collections will connect researchers to these impactful medical science journals. This is helpful for increasing awareness of BIOI and for the general advancement of biomedical science innovation.

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