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Scite partners with Colabra to enhance the citation experience on the Colabra platform -

scite, an award-winning tool that helps researchers discover and understand research findings more efficiently through Smart Citations, has partnered with Colabra, provider of a modern GxP-compliant Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) and project management tool, to enhance the citation experience on the Colabra platform.

Smart Citations, developed by scite, extends the conventional use of citations by displaying not only the reference itself but also the specific sections within the citing papers where the cited work is used and a categorization indicating whether the referenced publication provides corroborating or opposing evidence to the claim being cited.

Colabra is an extensible, GxP-compliant platform that offers comprehensive solutions for cataloging events throughout the R&D lifecycle, streamlining FAIR data governance, and connecting siloed systems into research insights. By centralizing team knowledge and providing advanced collaboration and automation capabilities, Colabra streamlines R&D processes, reducing risk and cost.

Smart Citations were developed using advanced machine learning algorithms that can efficiently extract and examine citation statements from a large number of full-text articles. This information helps researchers gain insights into how and why an article has been cited and engaged with in subsequent research, providing a more nuanced and rich source of information than a simple citation count and list of referenced works devoid of context.

To date, scite has partnered with over two dozen major publishers, analyzing and indexing over 1.8B citation statements extracted from more than 33M full-text articles. Smart Citations will be added to Colabra experiments, adding to the already 3M articles that display Smart Citations from other publishers like Wiley, The Royal Society, ACS, and The National Academy of Sciences.

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