Shandong University acquires Gale Scholar -

Shandong University has acquired Gale Scholar, from Gale, a Cengage company, empowering its researchers to make fresh discoveries through digital access to millions of pages from Gale Primary Sources. Gale Scholar offers institutions access to core collections in Gale Primary Sources totaling more than 170 million digitised pages from the vaults of world renowned libraries, covering over 500 years of international history.

The Gale Scholar program enables Shandong University to enhance its current holdings with Gale Primary Sources, which have been core to the collection-building strategies of institutions in North America and Europe for many years. By granting immediate access to these collections, the Gale Scholar program supports the university’s mission to grow its research output, improve student outcomes and attract the best and brightest in their fields – both at the researcher and postgraduate levels.

Gale Scholar provides Shandong University researchers with access to curated digital collections of books, maps, photographs, newspapers, periodicals and manuscripts from some of the world’s well-known libraries like: the University of Oxford, Harvard University and the British Library.

Acclaimed Gale Primary Sources series in the university’s program include: Eighteenth Century Collections Online, Nineteenth Century Collections Online, The Making of the Modern World, and The Making of the Modern Law.

The richness of the content is harnessed by powerful search technology that empowers researchers and students to discover new research connections through a single search environment. A newly launched Gale Scholar landing page in both English and Chinese further streamlines the researchers’ workflow, acting as a starting point into searching the collections. From the landing page, users can also access the Gale Digital Scholar Lab, a digital humanities tool that allows researchers the ability to text and data mine their Gale Primary Sources content. With access to world-class research materials and a tool to analyse the materials, Gale Scholar serves as Shandong University’s gateway to the digital humanities.

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