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SPIE collaborates with Cadmore Media for scholarly video publication -

SPIE, the international society dedicated to optics and photonics, recently announced a partnership with Cadmore Media, a leading streaming media platform. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the dissemination of scholarly video content.

SPIE has been at the forefront of incorporating multimedia elements into academic publishing and embarked on the journey of recording conference presentations for dissemination as early as 2012. The SPIE Digital Library, known as the world's largest collection of applied research in optics and photonics, boasts a vast repository of over 52,000 conference-presentation recordings. This treasure trove of knowledge encompasses not only conference recordings but also video interviews, promotional materials, and online course offerings.

With this new partnership, Cadmore Media will serve as the streaming media partner for SPIE, providing a platform to host and stream their extensive library of video assets. Cadmore Media is renowned for its industry-standard suite of services, offering a centralized management portal equipped with scalable API-based workflows. These workflows encompass activities such as loading, tagging, enriching, transcribing, segmenting, and streaming SPIE's diverse range of media content.

To ensure a seamless integration of the two platforms, Cadmore's embedded media player has been meticulously configured to align with SPIE's branding, security protocols, and publishing standards. The player also adheres to accessibility guidelines, offering users the flexibility to engage with content at their preferred pace and level of textual interaction.

This partnership between SPIE and Cadmore Media reflects a shared commitment to delivering high-quality research to a diverse global audience. It represents a significant stride in the world of scholarly video publication and holds promise for the future of knowledge dissemination in the field of optics and photonics.

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