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Spotlight on Research and ScienceOpen partner to bring awareness on open access health journals -

ScienceOpen has partnered with Spotlight on Research (SOR) to bring awareness to Spotlight on Research open access health journals. The journals aim to improve the lives and health of populations by making high-quality, evidence-based health information freely available online. Content from SOR journals is now featured on ScienceOpen in the featured Spotlight on Research Collection to promote the dissemination of their content to a wider base of readers.

There are nine journals by SOR which cover a wide scope of the health sector evidenced by their titles: Public Health, Health Science, Exploratory Research in Health, Clinical Psychology, Mental Health, Yoga, Integrative Health, Climate Change, and Social and Cultural Issues in Health. The search and discovery platform provided by ScienceOpen will put these health-related publications into the context of over 64 million academic publication records, increasing their discoverability. With many different filtering and sorting options, the platform is both user friendly and capable of advanced searches, connecting metadata from SOR journals to other content on the platform. Additionally, the sophisticated user engagement tools, such as reviewing, recommending, and sharing to social media, give readers of SOR the opportunity to interact more easily with the articles and increase the impact of SOR’s publications.

The partnership looks-out for researchers by offering very low APCs, offering discounts to student researchers, and educating about predatory journals. Through the partnership, SOR will be able to provide high-quality health information to more people and to increase its awareness to researchers.

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