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Springer Nature and OpenAIRE in deal to advance Open Science -

Springer Nature will provide OpenAIRE, an EU organisation that facilitates openness in scholarly communication, access to its full-text articles and chapters, regardless of their open access status and access rights, starting immediately. This will enable OpenAIRE to extract links from articles, research data and other scholarly outputs using text and data mining algorithms. Such links between research objects can then be used by both Springer Nature and OpenAIRE to provide searches and statistics through their respective portals and will be made freely available via,, OpenAIRE Explore and Scholexplorer.

Through this collaboration the partners aim to foster discoverability of datasets linked to publications and vice versa, which advances research by supporting reuse, and making datasets easier to find and access.

Although there has been a tremendous growth in the amount of research information available, this does not always equate to an increase in knowledge. By applying value added tools to enrich information and links, researchers are able to get a clearer and richer overview of the research they are analysing, for example, related datasets, project information and even the technical tools used to carry out the research. This collaboration uses the power of mining to tools to extract and organise information from a large corpus of publications which creates a thriving and rich research resource.

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