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Taylor & Francis joins Business for Societal Impact Network to enhance social impact initiatives -

Academic publisher Taylor & Francis has reaffirmed its commitment to creating a positive difference in communities worldwide by becoming a member of the Business for Societal Impact (B4SI) Network. The B4SI Network serves as a forum that helps organizations effectively measure and manage their social impact, enabling them to enhance their contributions to society.

In the past year, Taylor & Francis provided free or heavily discounted products and services, amounting to over £3 million, benefiting more than 74,000 disadvantaged individuals, academic community groups, and charities. The company has supported various initiatives, including accessibility partnerships that provide eBooks to students with print or visual impairments, open access publishing support for researchers in low-income countries, and the Special Terms for Authors and Researchers (STAR) program. STAR offers readers in the Global South free access to journal articles, ensuring wider access to valuable research.

By leveraging B4SI's Framework, which is recognized as the global standard for measuring corporate social impact, Taylor & Francis will now be able to analyze its activities consistently and objectively benchmark them against other companies in the Network. This approach will enable the company to gain valuable insights and strategically expand its community investment, thereby multiplying its positive impact on society.

Taylor & Francis operates as part of Informa, a global events and publishing company. Informa's sustainability commitments, known as FasterForward, include dedicating at least 1% of profit before tax to community groups and empowering one million disconnected individuals to access networks and knowledge by 2025.

The impact of Taylor & Francis' community investment initiatives is exemplified by its partnerships in India. Collaborating with the National Federation of the Blind of India, the company provides accessible education resources to 1,000 children. Additionally, through volunteering events with the Ina Raja Memorial Education Trust, Taylor & Francis delivers training to children from underprivileged backgrounds, while supporting skills development activities with Nirantar Prayas, an organization dedicated to assisting children with developmental disabilities.

By joining the B4SI Network, Taylor & Francis reinforces its dedication to measuring, enhancing, and expanding its social impact initiatives. Through ongoing collaboration and benchmarking, the company strives to make a meaningful difference in communities worldwide, aligning with its commitment to fostering positive societal change.

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