The University of Tsukuba and F1000 Research in deal to develop first open research publishing gateway to publish in Japanese -

The University of Tsukuba has signed a contract with F1000 Research Ltd to develop the first open research publishing gateway that will enable researchers to publish in either English or Japanese.

Not only will the publishing gateway make it simple for authors affiliated with the University of Tsukuba to publish any research or data they wish to share rapidly, openly and transparently, but it will also enable those studying the humanities and social sciences to choose whether to publish in English or in Japanese.

Indeed, English holds a preeminent position as the “lingua franca” in international scientific communication, despite the majority of the world’s scholars not possessing English as their first language. This does not necessarily mean, however, that studies published in other languages are of less value or quality.

This forward-thinking publishing approach means that researchers specializing in fields such as humanities and social sciences will be able to publish in an international journal but choose which language they feel most comfortable writing in, as well as what befits their field of study the most.

Indeed, the humanities and social sciences fields are where publishing in a regional language would enable more profound understanding and knowledge sharing, given these academic disciplines are often dedicated to the study of philosophy, history, literature, society, law, economy, and so on of a specific culture. Japanese language research articles will include abstracts and metadata in both Japanese and English, and will be indexed in relevant bibliographic databases in both English and Japanese.

All outputs will be published open access so free for anyone to read, and will use the F1000Research publishing model that combines the benefits of pre-printing (providing rapid publication with no editorial bias) with mechanisms to assure quality and transparency (invited and open peer review, archiving and indexing). This publishing model is also used on the customised platforms that F1000Research provides for major global funders such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome, and many others. F1000 Research has also just been awarded the contract to provide the European Commission with a publishing platform using this publishing model to support beneficiaries of the Horizon 2020 programme.

The F1000Research publishing model is designed to serve authors and is author-driven from beginning to end, from participation in open review to copyright ownership. The gateway will also offer researchers an open and transparent peer review process and have a mandatory FAIR data policy to provide full and easy access to the source data underlying the results.

The gateway, which is due to launch in November 2020, will be hosted on the F1000Research site and will adopt its pioneering approach to open science publishing. It will cover all fields in the physical, biological, medical, and social sciences, arts and humanities, in all forms, from traditional research articles to a protocols, registered reports, data notes, case studies and much more.

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