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Underline Science and UKSG collaborate to enrich the world of scientific knowledge -

Underline Science, a trailblazer in the realm of making scientific knowledge accessible through video dissemination, has announced a strategic collaboration with UKSG. This partnership, marked by the integration of UKSG's conference video content into Underline's Digital Video Library, represents a significant leap towards democratizing access to critical scientific knowledge. By joining forces, Underline Science and UKSG aim to reshape the landscape of academic and scientific content accessibility, opening new frontiers of insight across various domains.

Underline Science has established itself as the premier virtual conference venue and digital video library, spanning domains such as science, medicine, academia, and more. Through its comprehensive collection of event content, Underline Science has been on a mission to foster global accessibility to knowledge. In alignment with this vision, Underline Science has formalized an agreement with UKSG, an international association dedicated to "connecting the information community" and promoting the exchange of ideas in scholarly communication. This partnership capitalizes on the shared commitment to knowledge dissemination, making it a natural synergy.

The heart of this collaboration lies in the access to UKSG's annual meeting videos. Underline Science will host and provide open access to these invaluable resources, spanning UKSG's Annual meetings from 2021, 2022, and 2023. This enriches Underline's already expansive repository, offering the UKSG community an enhanced knowledge-sharing platform.

This collaboration empowers the UKSG community by providing unfettered access to a wealth of knowledge. Through the Underline Digital Video Library (DVL), UKSG members can harness advanced search capabilities, DOIs for reference, and features that align with accessibility standards.

As Underline Science and UKSG embark on this groundbreaking partnership, they invite individuals and institutions to explore the depths of scientific and academic insights made readily accessible through this collaboration. This marks the dawn of a new era in academic content availability, starting today - one video at a time.

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