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Wolters Kluwer acquires IJS Publishing Group (IJSPG) -

Wolters Kluwer Health has signed and completed an agreement to acquire IJS Publishing Group (IJSPG), a UK-based provider of peer-reviewed medical journals supporting scientists and authors. The IJSPG portfolio consists of 10 journal titles, including the International Journal of Surgery (IJS), IJS Case Reports (IJSCR), and Annals of Medicine and Surgery (AMS).

IJSPG will become part of Health Learning, Research & Practice (LRP), which offers the OvidĀ® medical research solution, publishes over 300 medical journals and hundreds of medical and nursing books, and produces digital nursing solutions for education and practice. The acquisition expands the breadth and depth of the Lippincott journal portfolio with high impact factor, surgery-related research and strengthens its Open Access position with several well-established journals accessible in over a dozen international databases and platforms.

In 2021, IJS Publishing Group generated approximately $2 million in gross revenues. Wolters Kluwer expects the investment to deliver a return on invested capital (ROIC) above its weighted cost of capital (8%) within 3-5 years and expects the transaction to have an immaterial impact on adjusted earnings.

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