Traditional Publishing Industry Pins Hopes on Barnes & Noble Success

( The traditional print publication business in both magazine and book form is hurting today after decades of dominance. As more and more consumers go to the web for digital publications rather than buying print versions of the same publications, it is becoming a challenge for book publishers to continue… Read More

Did Apple Conspire with Book Publishers?

( While everyone is consumed with deciphering how the bid by Google (GOOG) to acquire Motorola Mobility Motorola Mobility (MMI) will affect the dominance of Apple (AAPL) in the smartphone market, Apple has other fights on its hands. A class-action lawsuit contends that Apple illegally maintained high prices for e-books… Read More

Will There Be eBooks in the Afterlife?

( Every once in a while we need to exercise our minds and imagine what our future will be like. We all know that at some point we need to say goodbye to our current existence and move on. Read More

Why Are Scientific Retractions Increasing?

( Since 2001, while the number of papers published in research journals has risen 44%, the number retracted has leapt more than 15-fold, data compiled for The Wall Street Journal by Thomson Reuters reveal. Just 22 retraction notices appeared in 2001, but 139 in 2006 and 339 last year. Through… Read More

Make it easier to whistleblow while you work

( Whistleblowers need more support when reporting falsified or flawed research carried out by university colleagues, leading scientists have claimed. Following the publication by the British Medical Journal of research suggesting that one in eight scientists and doctors in the UK has witnessed some sort of research fraud, a conference… Read More

How Could Twitter Influence Science (And Why Scientists Are on Board)

( After some discussion on the validity of “influence” in social media, news that Twitter has a significant impact on scientific citations is something of a surprise. But could it be? That debate has been ongoing in the science community through January. Read More

Will Apple’s iPad mark the beginning of the end for traditional textbooks?

( Apple, which has made a habit of revolutionizing the way we interact with technology, is now turning its digital sights on the venerable analog textbook. Every costly new edition of a textbook means the old one is outdated, so Apple is betting that in the swiftly-changing information age, both… Read More

German Publishers Fuel Digitization, Billions Spent in 2011

( The number of company acquisitions and investments in the German publishing industry increased significantly in 2011, primarily reflecting a shift toward investments in digital business models. The 225 such transactions last year represented a 10% increase over 2010, according to the study “Transaktionsmonitor Verlagswesen 2011” (download the report here),… Read More

Digital publishing as a business tool – why not?

( ePublishing is being used by savvy businesses as a tool to remain relevant in the digital age. Mandie Spooner looks at the many reasons why SMBs should add digital publishing to their communications toolkit. Read More

Journals weigh up double-blind peer review

Some researchers have long worried that manuscripts submitted for publication are judged not on the quality of the work but on the reputation of the author submitting it. Although authors are rarely told who is reviewing their work, reviewers generally are informed of whose papers they are evaluating. But last… Read More

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