White Papers

Economic cost models of scientific scholarly journals

This paper elaborates the expenses related to scientific publishing, taking five publishing components into account. A publisher adopts a suitable model comprising these components that is also cost-effective. An estimation of the total cost of publishing a standard scientific journal, derived from sample science journals, is made in this paper. Read More

Economic benefits of digital object identifier in publishing

This white paper is the first in a series by Electronic Publishing Services (EPS) Ltd. that examines the return on investment (ROI) for a publisher after installing Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs). It measures a publisher’s online marketing and sales capacities after implementing DOI. The study is focused on three areas,… Read More

MathML workflows in STM publishing

Mathematical expressions form an essential part of scientific, technical and medical (STM) content. Publishers use various platforms such as MathType and PowerMath to append math in the STM content. After MathML, an XML-based repository was built so that publishers find it easier to publish Web content with HTML and MathML. Read More

Improving Journal Quality with Process Improvement Methods

Increasing competition in the field of scholarly publishing has pushed continuous quality improvement into the centre stage. This paper advocates the benefits of applying ‘Process Improvement’ techniques to improve the quality of journals to provide the desired competitive edge. It also provides some examples on the various tools available and… Read More

The Future of the Print Journal

This paper is an attempt to trace the course of print journals in the future. While acknowledging the raising dominance of electronic journals that are generally believed to lead to the demise of print journals, the paper envisions the continued use of both print and electronic journals in the future.… Read More

US medical publishing market set to explode

A report released by Simba Information has revealed that medical publishing in the US will surpass growth in the scientific, technical, legal and business publishing markets. The market intelligence firm has forecasted growth of 15.6 percent by 2007, the major determining factor being online resources. The report provides key findings… Read More

Issues in marketing reprints

Publishers tap easy income through reprints. However, reprint programmes should be accompanied and supported by a well-organised effort in marketing. In this paper, the inherent hurdles in marketing reprints have been explored with examples from various scientific publishers. In addition, the author has reviewed administrative issues involved in implementing an… Read More

Persistence of Web references in scientific research

This paper is based on a research conducted on URLs in online research studies. Scientific researchers are facing a hurdle in using the Internet resource for citations in scientific papers. Practical troubles such as lack of credible Internet publishers and invalid URLs have forced out the question of including URL… Read More

Catering to libraries

A significant increase in the cost of journals has impeded institutions such as libraries from purchasing them. The high subscription rates have induced the libraries to opt for e-journals over prints. In such a situation, marketing prints to libraries has become crucial. The paper suggests marketing programmes suitable for the… Read More

Implementing Information Technology Systems

Scholarly publishers have the advantage of the latest technologies to modernise the production process and add value to the product. However, the volatile nature of technology, external factors involved and certain other risks disable the publisher from fully taping the advantages of information technology (IT). This paper elaborates on the… Read More

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