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Seed Media launches tools to label and tag blogs on peer-reviewed research -

Science media company Seed Media Group (SMG), US, has launched a new technology that will help scientists make use of the explosion of discussions in the blogosphere surrounding published peer-reviewed science. The discussions are currently scattered across the web and are difficult to find, navigate and… Read More

Swets launches collaboration service for customers -

Subscription services provider Swets, Netherlands, has announced the launch of SwetsWise Community, a collaboration service for customers that allows them to share best practices for the usage of SwetsWise functionalities with each other. Already populated with a wealth of helpful information on the range of SwetsWise… Read More

Scientist develops next generation Wiki with better author attribution -

Dr. Robert Hoffmann, Society in Science fellow, has developed what is claimed to be the first Wiki which ensures due credit for the author and also lets users ascertain the source of data. The scientific Wiki project, introduced in the September issue of Nature Genetics and released online, is projected… Read More

New social networking and research management tool for scientists -

Indiana University School of Medicine informatics researchers have reportedly introduced a web-based solution to address the complex problems of scientific collaboration. Called Laboratree (, the solution is designed to streamline research and enhance collaborative social networking for the science community. Laboratree will allow scientists to securely… Read More

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