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Tom Marsh, CEO of Centrotrade, begins term as ASTM International Board Chairman -

D. Thomas Marsh, president and CEO of Centrotrade Minerals and Metals Inc. in Chesapeake, Virginia, USA, has started his term as 2017 chairman of the ASTM International board of directors. ASTM International's board is made up of 25 leaders from a broad variety of companies,… Read More

Translational Behavioral Medicine now publishes research studies that have null results -

Scientific behavioural medicine journal Translational Behavioral Medicine now publishes research studies that have null results. Some in the scientific community view null results research as a failure because, by its very definition, a null result means what you expected would happen in your study did not happen. Translational Behavioral… Read More

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence appoints LM Information Delivery as a NICE framework content provider for the NHS -

LM Information Delivery (LM), a global provider of subscription and information management services, has been appointed as a provider to the NICE Electronic and Print Content Framework Agreement. The agreement will see LM Information Delivery providing UK National Health Service institutions as well as other… Read More

BioOne announces nine new publications to BioOne Complete for 2017 -

BioOne has announced nine new publications and their respective nonprofit publishers to BioOne Complete for 2017. This new content is now accessible via your BioOne Complete subscription. The new publications are: The Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature, International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature; Canadian Journal of Animal… Read More

Portico and Rhode Island Medical Society announce preservation deal -

Digital preservation specialist Portico has announced that Rhode Island Medical Society (RIMS) will preserve e-journals with Portico, ensuring that they will be secure and available into the future. Founded in 1812, RIMS is the eighth oldest organisation of its kind in the nation. It is… Read More

United Scientific Group relocates corporate headquarters -

Scientific publisher and networking organiser United Scientific Group (USG) has moved from its Santa Clara, CA corporate headquarters where it has been situated since 2014 to a new facility at Plano, TX. The move was made on November 1, 2016, but due to transition it will… Read More

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