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Cactus Communications launches integrated ecosystem of tools for academic researchers -

Cactus Communications, a technology company accelerating scientific advancement, has announced the launch of R (, an extensive integrated ecosystem of tools and support for academic researchers. The ecosystem currently offers six tools and platforms, all designed to address a specific need… Read More

OUP and CUP extend collaboration to publish new report on the use of monographs in a digital environment -

Academic publisher Oxford University Press has extended its collaboration with Cambridge University Press (CUP) to publish the new report Researcher’s perspectives on the purpose and value of the monograph: Using and engaging with monographs in a digital environment.… Read More

Scientific American’s international network of magazines launch public webpage combining COVID-19 content from five of its publications -

Scientific American’s international network of magazines has launched a public webpage that combines COVID-19 stories from five of its publications: This source brings readers the latest science news and expert analysis on this pandemic in one place—from the biology of the virus to the treatment… Read More

The University of Tsukuba and F1000 Research in deal to develop first open research publishing gateway to publish in Japanese -

The University of Tsukuba has signed a contract with F1000 Research Ltd to develop the first open research publishing gateway that will enable researchers to publish in either English or Japanese. Not only will the publishing gateway make it simple for authors affiliated with the… Read More

CABI relaunches agriRxiv to offer access to preprints across agriculture and allied sciences -

CABI is relaunching agriRxiv with a new website offering researchers and students access to preprints across agriculture and allied sciences. Preprints are drafts of research articles that authors typically share with the wider community for feedback before submitting their final version… Read More

Research Square offers badges via Preprint Platform -

The preprint platform Research Square is offering badges to researchers who post a preprint to its multidisciplinary preprint platform, also known as Research Square. Preprint authors can purchase a badge in Methods or Statistics Reporting to certify their preprint and demonstrate that… Read More

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