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The pivotal role of subscription agents

Swets Information Services illustrates the role of a subscription agent between STM publishers and the readers. Giving statistics on the increasing number of electronic journals, Swets emphasises the need for agents in the current publishing scenario. Read More

Challenging Current Publishing Models

Jan Velterop, Publisher at BioMed Central, discusses the scenario where STM publishers make money for no investment and increase the cost of journals. He compares recent trends in publishing and dissemination of STM content. Read More

Google and science: a common future?

Ed Pentz, Executive Director, CrossRef, has presented a research conducted on Google Scholar, a scholarly search engine. This presentation explains the issues affecting publishers. Read More

The Secret Life of STM Publishing

René Olivieri, CEO of Blackwell Publishing, has discussed the general trends in the merging and pricing policies of STM publishers against the UK market. Read More

Unweaving the Rainbow: Institutional Repositories and other Destabilizing Influences

Ann Okerson, Associate Librarian, Yale University, explains the relationship between publishers and institutional repositories, based on a concluded research. Read More

Do authors demand Open Access?

Dr. Ian Rowlands, founding member of the Centre for Information Behavior and the Evaluation of Research (CIBER) discusses a research study on open access. Read More

Do we need Government Intervention?

Peter Banks, Publisher, American Diabetics Association, has concluded that the US National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) intervention into STM content access has failed to meet its aim. Read More

STM Publishing and the UK Government

The UK House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee have detailed on the necessity of intervention of the UK government in STM publishing and content access. Read More

Open Access and STM Publishing

Michael A. Mabe, Director of Academic Relations at Elsevier, has presented the findings of a research that emphasizes the disadvantages of the Open Access movement. Read More

Variations on open access

The Kaufman-Wills Group of the US carried out a study on the effect of alternative business models on the non-financial and financial areas of open access scholarly journals. The preliminary results were presented in March 2005 at the London Book Fair. Read More

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