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Scientific publishing: free for all?

Ann Okerson of Yale University Library has examined the open access publishing model and institutional repositories from a librarian’s point of view. Read More

Scholarly Communication in the 21st century – the impact of new technologies

The Scholarly Publication and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) has analysed the techniques and methods of scholarly publishing in the current communication scenario. Read More

The research-impact cycle

Tim Brody, Chawki Hajjem and Stevan Harnad of Southampton University and Université du Québec à Montréal have explained the benefits of open access for effective research. Read More

Merits and demerits of RSS

Timo Hanney, Associate Director, New Technology, Nature, explains the merits and demerits of RSS, a machine-readable Web page, in the lines of STM publishing. Read More

Ongoing e-science initiatives in Germany

Matthias Hemmje of the University of Hagen, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, has made a presentation on future knowledge products and services in Germany. He elaborates on the publication scenario and evolution of e-science. Read More

Publication of, and access to, UK Research Output

A presentation introducing Research Councils formed in the UK to ensure research and knowledge transfer, particularly in the lines of science, engineering and technology, by Stéphane Goldstein, RCUK Policy and Support Manager. Read More

The relationship between Journal Subscriptions and Document Delivery

Chris Beckett, Vice President of Library Services, Ingenta, tries to identify the inverse relationship between the document delivery system and publishers’ subscription rates. Read More

Think globally: an international perspective of winning in the market place

Chris Beckett, Director, Scholarly Information Strategies Ltd, UK, gives a picture of the global market of STM publication with a classification of major players’ segments. Further, he points out the factors involved in global marketing. Read More

Open access to scientific information

Esther R. Dyer, Executive Director, American-Italian Cancer Foundation, explains the need for open access journals, pointing out the high subscription rates of scientific journals. He also examines the efforts of various publishers and institutes that have allowed free literature. Read More

Digitising the scientific journals publication process

Frans Lettenström, Licensing Manager at Springer, has explained the digitisation of producing, editing, peer-reviewing and distributing scientific journals. Read More

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