DPubS: An Open Source Electronic Publishing System

Sarah E. Thomas, Cornell University Library, in her presentation ‘DPubS: An Open Source Electronic Publishing System’, briefs on the DPubS publication system. DPubS, an electronic publishing application funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, enables publishers to manage, organise, deliver and present, both open access and subscription controlled scholarly communications;… Read More

Web 2.0 – Dive in, Don’t Define !

The author (Leigh Dodds, Engineering Manager, IngentaConnect) opines that Web 2.0 isn't a product, nor is it a single technology. It is a label that has been applied to the culmination of a number of different trends (social, business and technical) that have been influencing web activities over the past… Read More

Online Publishing – Strategies and Issues

This presentation by Pipa Smart, Head of Publishing Initiatives, INASP, Oxford, UK, generally discusses about Online Publishing and covers topics ranging from archiving & preservation, alternative publishing models, interoperability and alternative online initiatives. Read More

Archiving Large Scale Information Systems

Like all publishers, Elsevier is also trying to come to terms with the drastically changed demands that have emerged from working in a digital environment. The changes are more reflective in the area of long-term preservation of the publishing output, and the STM publisher is constantly looking for ways to… Read More

Data integration in Biosciences

As increasing numbers of research groups are making efforts to understand biological design and control principles at a systems level, the need to combine comprehensive sets of accurate and reliable quantitative data is also increasing. However, there are several biological data repositories that vary both semantically and syntactically. Seamless access… Read More

Milestones on the Green Road to Open Access – Policy and Practicalities

The ubiquity of the internet in general and the development of repository software packages and internationally-agreed standards have helped scholars to share their outputs as never before. However, with some notable exceptions, scholars have not rushed to take advantage of repositories. This paper by David Prosser, Director, SPARC Europe, surveys… Read More

Realizing the Power of On-line Publishing in Copyright and Creativity in International Scholarship

This presentation by Philip Bourne of the University of California, describes the role of libraries to set up an OA journal in partnership with an international society. It also describes the approach taken by scientists to establish new modes of scientific dissemination. Read More

Publishing Realities: contracts versus copyright

This presentation by David Hoole of the Nature Publishing Group, looks at a publishers perspective on negotiating licenses and copyright. The presentation describes every thig from the basics of copyright to its implication in the STM publishing. It also looks at the future developments that will best serve science. Read More

Journal publishing in China – The NSFC experience

In this presentation, Prof Zu Guang'an, Executive Director, Department of Publication, NSFC, Beijing, China, presents National Natural Science Foundation of China’s (NSFC) activities on scientific journals. Read More

Electronic Publishing and Open Access: Developing country perspectives

In this presentation, Ms Alma Swan, Key Perspectives Ltd, Truro, UK, discusses how researchers, institutions, national economies and science and society can benefit from Open access. Also, it discusses how open access increases citations. According to this presentation, in the past five years there have been 219040 citations 104617 articles… Read More

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