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EBook Use and Acceptance in an Undergraduate Institution

This white paper by Deborah Lenares of the Margaret Clapp Library at Wellesley College, and Steven Smith, formerly of Wellesley College and now Head of Collection Management at Boston University Libraries, draws on past studies and a new survey of users at Wellesley College to uncover some interesting insights for… Read More

Perception Analysis of Scholarly E-Books in the Humanities at the Collegiate Level

When e-journals first launched, there was confusion due to formatting, platforms, delivery methods, etc. Publishers and academic librarians are finding that the introduction of e-books to the marketplace has not been as seamless as initially expected. The same issues that had plagued journals are now evident in the e-book market.… Read More

Best Practices for Brand Expansion in China: How to Navigate a Unique Intellectual Property Landscape

With over 1.3 billion consumers, China claims to be the world’s largest target market for global brand owners. However, multinational firms are quickly learning that in order to seize rampant growth opportunity in China, they must deal with the country’s complex intellectual property landscape. Early leaders in the region have… Read More

Collaborative Improvements in the Discoverability of Scholarly Content: Accomplishments, Aspirations, and Opportunities

In a changing academic environment, discoverability of scholarly content demands cooperative efforts across the communications supply chain. This white paper summarises the current discovery landscape for scholarly communications, advocates for cooperative efforts across the industry, and proposes specific recommendations for discoverability improvement for librarians, publishers, and service providers. Read More

Selling to Academic and Corporate Libraries in Latin America

Publishers attempting to sell to Latin American libraries face very different challenges to those selling within Europe and North America. These emerging markets require different sales and marketing techniques in order to be successful. This updated white paper from ACCUCOMS guides publishers in their selling endeavours. The report includes the… Read More

Success Strategies for Electronic Content Discovery and Access

Libraries strive to get the right resources in front of users where and when they need them. The E-Data Quality Working Group identified data quality issues in libraries’ electronic content, which directly affect users’ ability to find and use library resources. The library’s discovery and access systems play an important… Read More

Enhancing Access to E-books

The objective of the study was to determine if summary notes or table of contents notes in catalogue records are associated with the usage of e-books in a large university library. A retrospective cohort study, analyzing titles from three major collections of e-books was employed. Titles were categorized based on… Read More

Increasing the Value of Scholarly Books

Publishers wanting to develop long-term content strategies to increase the value of their scholarly book programs must consider chapter-level metadata, particularly abstracts, to stay competitive. The long-term benefits of investing in abstracts for the backlist and building production workflows into new releases are supported by publishers, aggregators, librarians, and researchers… Read More

What might peer review look like in 2030?

This report examines how peer review can be improved for future generations of academics and offers key recommendations to the academic community. The report is based on the lively and progressive sessions at the SpotOn London conference held at Wellcome Collection Conference centre in November 2016. It includes a collection… Read More

Exploring Usage of Open Access Books via the JSTOR Platform

This report is the outcome of research commissioned and funded by the four presses. It engages with usage data made available by JSTOR relating to OA books in order to assist publishers in understanding how their OA content is being used; inform strategic decision making by individual presses in the… Read More

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