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Open access to research publications

Open Access to research is a public benefit which enhances transparency, scientific integrity and rigour, stimulates innovation, promotes public engagement, and improves efficiency in research. The UK is widely recognised as being the leading nation in the Open Access and Open Data movements. This is both underpinned by, and underpins,… Read More

The OA effect: How does open access affect the usage of scholarly books?

It is frequently claimed that open access (OA) has the potential to increase usage and citations. This report substantiates such claims for books in particular, through benchmarking the performance of Springer Nature books made OA through the immediate (gold) route against that of equivalent non-OA books. The report includes findings… Read More

Cookies, fake news and single search boxes: the role of A&I services in a changing research landscape

Whitepaper by INSPEC (White Paper - Cookies, fake news and single search boxes: the role of A&I services in a changing research landscape) examines the growing importance of A&I databases in an open web landscape increasingly dominated by advertising and irrelevant results. Librarians and researchers share their thoughts on how… Read More

Does Discovery Still Happen in the Library? Roles and Strategies for a Shifting Reality

Roger Schonfeld from ITHAKA S+R explores how the vision that the library should be the starting point for research—a vision many library directors hold—is often in conflict with the practices of faculty and students. As users migrate to other starting points, librarians could invest in ways to bring them back.… Read More

Did Online Access to Journals Change the Economics Literature?

( Does online access boost citations? The answer has implications for issues ranging from the value of a citation to the sustainability of open-access journals. Using panel data on citations to economics and business journals, this paper shows that the enormous effects found in previous studies were an artifact of… Read More

Layers of Influence: The interrelationship of key impact variables

( Identifying, analyzing and improving the complex and interrelated variables in three layers of influence of STM journal marketing will lead to a more successful journal and higher revenues for its publishers. That's the message behind a new white paper released by TDF Consulting. In the white paper, the firm… Read More

Big Data and the Needs of the Pharma Industry

This whitepaper offers new strategies for managing Big Data, most specifically by using an array of technologies to convert it into more meaningful, accessible Little Data. The paper highlights how the inherently data-driven pharmaceutical industry requires deep, broad information to feed drug R&D, but the way it processes Big Data… Read More

University-based Open Access Publishing

This report sketches the landscape of university-based not-for-profit publishing in Europe with a primary focus on open access publishing of journals. It aims to provide an understanding of the different types of initiatives in terms of size, operational and business models, technologies used, stakeholder involvement, concentration of scientific fields, growth,… Read More

Expecting the Unexpected: Serendipity, Discovery, and the Scholarly Research Process

The authors found that there is a spectrum of discussion in the information studies literature: at one end, accidental discovery of unknown information is seen as a fundamental method of scholarly information seeking (Cooksey, 2004); at the other end, chance information encounters are rejected as having a useful role to… Read More

Monitoring the transition to open access: December 2017

Following the Finch Report in 2012, Universities UK established an Open Access Coordination Group to support the transition to open access (OA) for articles in scholarly journals. The Group commissioned an initial report published in 2015 to gather evidence on key features of that transition. This second report aims to… Read More

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